USC – Notre Dame Weekender 2013

Hello Trojans… and THANK YOU! As the weekender chairman for theĀ USC ALUMNI CLUB OF CHICAGO, I can’t tell you how appreciative we are that you came by the thousands to our city. I know the game didn’t go the way we all would have liked, but it was an honor to host you here and we hope you had a great time.


During your visit, you sold out all of our events, and you bought a ton of weekender-exclusive merchandise. The reason we’re so thankful you did is because the money you spent GOES STRAIGHT TO OUR LOCAL SCHOLARSHIP FUND. You are helping send Midwestern students out west to USC, and for that… we thank you.

Fight On!… and we hope to see you back here in 2015!

–Tony Gnau, ND Weekender Chair

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